Announcing Our 2017 Conference!




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The Australian Fairy Tale Society

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Invites you to attend our 4th Annual Conference

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.Our theme this year is:

“So Many Mattresses: Truth, Reality, Fiction On A European Bed”

Would we recognise an Australian fairy tale if it came to our doorstep, lacking robes of “once upon a time”, looking a little bedraggled? How do we sort truths from transplants?

Many “mattresses” have unrolled in Australia – historical, cultural, interpretative, creative – and more await stimulation by that provocative pea (or gumnut), inducing dreams and imaginings.

Awaken to the kiss of curiosity! What lies beneath? How might you respond, or create your own?

Learn! Create! Meet! Explore! Discuss! Enjoy!

Join us as we venture into layers of possibility…

What: Australian Fairy Tale Society 4th Annual Conference, as part of the 2017 Glen Eira Storytelling Festival

When: Saturday 24th June 2017, 8:30am registration, 9am commencement, 5pm closing

Where: Glen Eira Town Hall, Caulfield, Victoria

Who: All adults welcome. We are a national, intercultural, intergenerational, interdisciplinary non-profit group, also a registered charity. We focus on collecting, preserving, discussing, sharing and creating Australian fairy tales. Our aim is to encourage academics, writers, artists, performers and enthusiasts from around the country to network and share all things fairy tale through a national website, annual conferences and local fairy tale rings.


  • $65 members of the Australian Fairy Tale Society ($25 to join)
  • $85 students & Glen Eira council residents
  • $95 full price



ABN: 31539717636

[Note – Image: “Exotic” © Kathleen Jennings, used with permission]


Fairy Tale Installation by Member Debra Phillips Now On Display

image001As announced in our “Upcoming Events” section of the first ezine, our own Debra Phillips (Founding Member, artist, writer, PhD candidate, pillar of the Sydney Fairy Tale Ring and all round wonderful human being) has created an installation in the garden of the Don Bank Museum garden, as part of a festival for a combined North Sydney/ Australian Catholic University event.

image002As someone who enjoys exploring fairy tale themes in many different mediums, Debra “deliberately designed it with a fairy tale quality for us and to be in harmony with the oldy-worldy interior of the cottage”.

The display will remain in place until the end of September, and she will be there in person, this Saturday, September 10th, 2016.

If you’re in the area, come check it out. You’ll love it.

You can learn more about Debra and her eye-catching public installations HERE.

SNEAK PEEK: AFTS Ezine, Issue #1

It is with great pleasure, excitement and anticipation that I can FINALLY announce that we have been cooking up (in our cauldrons) an online ezine (electronic magazine) exclusively for our members!

A small yet extremely talented team have been putting together the magazine that will be exclusively for our members, published every other month and aligned with the fairy ring tale. We wanted to create something that was an expansion of the newsletter, so that we can feature content created by our members in order to celebrate their talents and achievements.

Here’s a sneak peek of the first edition’s cover! Doesn’t it look amazing??

Time to get renewing those memberships, or sign up!


(AFTS President)

AFTS Ezine Cover Only Preview



Member Creations: Fairy Tale Watercolours

At the Australian Fairy Tale Society, we LOVE to celebrate the achievements and creations of our members. The following watercolours were created as presenter gifts at the recent AFTS Annual Conference by one of our founding members, Debra Phillips. They have clear links to fairy tale and present a magical perspective in watercolour. We are so grateful to Debra for providing the artwork to be given as gifts to our presenters. Wonderful work, Debra!


Deb's Art 1 - Once upon a time

Once Upon a Time

Deb's Art 6 - Cinderella, Belle of the Balle

Cinderella, Belle of the Balle

Deb's Art 7 - LRRH, Defender of the peace

Little Red Riding Hood, Defender of the Peace

Deb's Art 13 - Hansel and Gretel burn the witch

Hansel and Gretel burn the witch

Deb's Art 12 - Princess and the peas

Princess and the peas

Deb's Art 11 - Goldilocks and the three bears

Goldilocks and the three bears

Deb's Art 10 - Snow white and the witch queen

Snow White and the witch queen

Deb's Art 9 - Rapunzel


Deb's Art 8 - Princess of the peas

Princess of the peas

Deb's Art 14 - Gingerbread man, run as fast as you can

Gingerbread man, run as fast as you can.

Deb's Art 15 - LRRH brings the wolf to visit Grandma

Little Red Riding Hood brings the wolf to visit Grandma

Deb's Art 16 - Hansel and Gretel find the cake stall

Hansel and Gretel find the cake stall

Deb's Art 17 - LRRH, Wolf slayer

Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf Slayer

Deb's Art 18 - Hansel and Gretel at the table of delights

Hansel and Gretel at the table of delights

Deb's Art 19 - Cinderella's Godmother

Cinderella’s Godmother

Deb's Art 20 - LRRH and wolf

Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

Deb's Art 5 - Who hears when apples fall into the woods

Who hears when apples fall into the woods

Deb's Art 4 - What waits as we go into the woods.jpeg

What waits as we go into the woods

Deb's Art 3 - Stories take us into the woods

Stories take us into the woods

Deb's Art 2 - Once more, into the woods, dear friends

Once more, into the woods, dear friends