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Our 2016 Conference Program Is Here!


Good morning fairy tale enthusiasts,

We are delighted to release the program for our third annual conference!

There’s such a wonderful mix of presentations this year – it’s sure to be a great day. So without further ado, feel free to go to our Upcoming AFTS Events page and take a look at the great presentations we’ve got lined up.

Also, remember that registrations are open online: visit our Conference Registration page here.

Getting so excited for the conference now!!

Warmest fairy wishes,
Dr Belinda Calderone
Australian Fairy Tale Society

A Special Fairy Tale Edition of TEXT: CFP

Good morning fairy tale enthusiasts!

I’m so excited to announce that three members of the Australian Fairy Tale Society committee – Dr Nike Sulway, Dr Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario, and myself – are collaborating to produce a special edition of the scholarly journal TEXT. This edition is all about Australasian fairy tales and will compliment our 2016 conference coming up on June 26.

We are now calling for submissions! All details below:


Into the Bush: Australasian Fairy Tales
A Special Issue of TEXT
Editors: Dr Nike Sulway, Dr Rebecca Anne Do Rozario,
Dr Belinda Calderone

The fairy tale has a long tradition in both oral and literary forms. Indeed, recently Sara da Silva and Jamshid Tehrani have argued, using a phylogenetic analysis of tales in the Aarne Thompson Uther (ATU) index, that some of the tales still told today ‘can be securely traced back to … between 2500 and 6000 years ago’ (8). Such an ancient tradition has left its mark across a range of literary traditions, including those of Australasia. While old and gnarled, the fairy tale is also alive and well, informing contemporary literary practice across a range of forms and genres, in works written for both children and adults.

This Special issue of TEXT, developed in association with the Australian Fairy Tale Society, responds to the challenge of honouring the long-lived traditions of the fairy tale in the Australasian context, of exploring and expanding our understanding of fairy tales and their tellers in a postcolonial context.

This issue seeks to reflect on Australasia’s unique creative and scholarly contributions to this long-lived genre, and seeks submissions that address the growing interest in fairy tale narratives across a range of platforms, particularly those stories set in and around Australasia.

Submissions may address, but are not limited to, the following:
• Writing about fairy tales and their tellers
• Fairy tales in the Australasian landscape/context
• Fairy tales in the colonial and postcolonial context
• Appropriations and adaptations
• Gender, sexuality and the fairy tale
• Teaching and learning about fairy tales
• Tale types and tropes: critical discussions of the ATU and Propp models, of Dundes’s motifemes or similar schemas
• Other relevant topics and issues

Scholarly papers should be no more than 6000 words in length. Creative works will usually be up to 3,500 words in length, or as agreed by editors.

Creative work must be accompanied by an ERA research statement that clearly explains the submission’s relevance as a research outcome. Peruse any of TEXT journal’s Creative Writing as Research special issues to familiarise yourself with research statements.

Please also contact us with ideas for book reviews.

Please include a brief biography (200 words max, in TEXT style) and ensure that you include your email address for reply. Submissions MUST be in TEXT style and formatting. Please see http://www.textjournal.com.au/speciss/info.htm for submission guidelines.

Deadline for initial submission: July 29, 2016
Final revised submissions will be due: September 15, 2016
Publication date: April, 2017
Email: nike.sulway@usq.edu.au, rebecca.dorozario@monash.edu, or belinda.calderone85@outlook.com

Enchanted regards,
Dr Belinda Calderone
President – Australian Fairy Tale Society