About the AFTS

Founded in 2013, the Australian Fairy Tale Society is a national not-for-profit organisation, recently registered as a charity, which means you can claim a donation as a tax deduction. We focus on collecting, preserving, discussing, sharing and creating Australian fairy tales. Our aim is to encourage academics, writers, artists, performers and enthusiasts from around the country to network and share all things fairy tale through a national website, annual conferences and local fairy tale rings.

The Mission Statement and Objectives of the Australian Fairy Tale Society, as set out in our constitution (updated with a Special Resolution approved at the Annual General Meeting on 26th June 2016), are as follows:

Mission Statement:

To explore fairy tales through an Australian perspective and to stimulate the creation of Australian interpretations: academic, creative, and performative.


  • (i) Collecting original Australian fairy tales, fairy tale adaptations, interpretations, and criticism;
  • (ii) Organising and cataloguing this fairy tale collection meaningfully for maximum accessibility by Australian and international researchers, educators, and creatives;
  • (iii) Building a community of interest across Australia (academics, writers, artists, performers) in national and local groups, which can communicate with like-minded communities internationally;
  • (iv) Discussing and analysing Australian fairy tales through: interpersonal discussions (national conferences and local groups); the publication of written articles; digital resources (the AFTS website and social media);
  • (v) Promoting Australian fairy-tale retellings in all forms;
  • (vi) Encouraging the creation of new fairy-tale works (literary, visual, musical and performative) and increasing public awareness of the value of new, adapted, and performed fairy tales in or about Australia.

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ABN – 31539717636
Public Liability Insurance – Community Underwriting.
The AFTS Constitution, Financial Statement, and Members’ Register are available on request.