This is where we promote publications of our valued members. If you have a publication to add to our website, feel free to contact us. The photo-list below is incomplete, due to our organisation having tripled membership rapidly, while we’re a group of busy volunteers minus govt funding. We are compiling updates to beam in Autumn 2019.

We’re also collecting new Australian fairy tales for our first book! Due 2020, on WA publisher Serenity Press, our anthology is entitled South of the Sun – Australian Fairy Tales for the 21st century. We’ve garnered tales from some of our nation’s leading luminaries, including some pictured below. We’re throwing our doors open to general submissions soon, free for members, so stay tuned!

Committee has asked me to beam some booklists – Fantasy & YA recommendations – that we pulled together from presentations around Australia. This is not comprehensive either, so feel free to send in your suggestions. Thank you – Louisa John-Krol

[NB: Still to be added below: Leife Shallcross, Patricia Poppenbeek, Lorena Carrington, Leila Honari, Kevin Price, Cindy-Lee Harper, Kathryn Gossow, Gabi Brown, Anne E Stewart, Danielle Wood, Kathleen Jennings, Maribel Steel, Jackie Kerin, Phillippa Adgemis, Erin-Claire Barrow, Louisa John-Krol, Erin McCuskey, Claudia Barnett, Gypsy Thornton, Belinda Calderone & Louisa John-Krol, among others.]

Eugen                           Monique Mulligan bio pic                        Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario - Photo

Eugen Bacon                                    Monique Mulligan                     Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario

Angie Rega 2016                                Marianna Shek                                 kateForsyth

Ange Rega                                        Marianna Shek                                        Kate Forsyth

Fiona_Price 2017 copy                                     Carmel Bird                                  robyn-floyd-in-pink

Fiona Price                                          Carmel Bird                                       Robyn Floyd


Debra Phillips                                     IMG_3009 BW TDLuong small file                          alex-05

 Debra Phillips                                            T.D. Luong                                      Alexandra McCallum


Juliet Marillier                             Sophie publicity shot                                      Margo Lanagan head shot

       Juliet Marillier                                 Sophie Masson                                     Margo Lanagan


finegan kruckemeyer

Finegan Kruckemeyer



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