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This page is currently being updated with all positions filled at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday 10th June 2018

President – continuing – Louisa John-Krol

Louisa John-Krol - Photo

Louisa John-Krol has released CDs of ethereal music on foreign indie labels, exploring faerielore, poetry and mythology. She has performed at international festivals such as Faerieworlds in Oregon, and published in journals, magazines and books, most recently the peer-reviewed journal TEXT. Her professions have spanned fey storytelling (as pioneer of the world’s first fairy shop Wonderwings), admin and teaching. Embroilments include The Elderbrook Chronicles with a soundtrack. Louisa founded Victoria’s Fairy Tale Ring (now led by Patsy Poppenbeek) with a whimsical blog. Other memberships include Writers Victoria, Storytelling Australia Victoria, The Athenaeum Library and the fairy lion (feline) realm of rescuing cats.

Vice President – continuing – Suzanne Zammit

Suzanne Zammit

As a child Suzanne loved her collection of books. Some were new and many were her mother’s. Her favourite was a gigantic illustrated Hans Andersen Fairytale Treasury full of the most exquisite full page monochrome illustrations. While reading these magical, somewhat gruesome stories she was totally transported to other realities. She did not realise how far until about ten years ago; she was walking down the mountain in Bergen (Norway) at dusk, when everything felt so familiar, she realised she was walking through one of the fairytale illustrations. As a teacher, mother and grandmother one of her most treasured, exciting times is reading and telling stories to children and fostering their love of literature. The night before the Fairy tale conference two years past she heard a radio discussion about it… and came along!

Co-Treasurer (Budget) – continuing – Nicholas Simm

Biographical details & photo coming soon

Co-Treasurer (Membership) – continuing – Harsha Chugh

Biographical details & photo coming soon

Co-Secretary (Minutes) – new – Gabi Brown

Gabi Brown FB

Gabi Brown is a Ballarat-based writer who has often been described as being away with the fairies. After a lifetime spinning gold out of straw as a journalist and producer of BBC radio documentaries, she’s happily reverted to a type and is currently writing a book about unpleasant fairies, ancient Persian birds and why you should never throw stones.

Co-Secretary (Agendas) – vacant

Anthology & Grants – continuing – Patricia Poppenbeek

Patsy Poppenbeek copy.jpg

Patricia Poppenbeek is an award winning writer and freelance editor, whose published work includes a retelling of Cinderella in the Romance Writers of Australia anthology, Little Gems. In the tradition of Dick Whittington, her writing group, the Cartridge Family, won a City of Melbourne grant to publish Melbourne Subjective, an anthology. This included three of her stories, one of which is historical fiction with a touch of fantasy. Her most recently published stories include ‘The Magician’s Boy’ in the online magazine Timeless Tales. Her current novel, a YA fantasy about an Artful Dodger girl who is a shadow mage trying to stop Jack the Ripper, was runner up in a 2016 San Francisco Writers Conference competition.

New Committee Member – new – Nicole Logue

Biographical details & photo coming soon

New Committee Member – new – Georgina Ballantine


Georgina Ballantine is a Sydney-based editor and author of speculative fiction for adults and children. The opening of her novel-in-progress, Fire, won the 2017 CYA Conference Award for Young Adult fiction. Fire, set in Ancient Greece, is an alternate history, a myth-laden tale of a girl whose skin burns to the touch. A member of the Sydney Fairy Tale Ring, Georgina is a Bursary recipient of our 2017 annual Australian Fairy Tale Society Conference, and a writer/editor in our Ezine Troupe.

Former Committee contributors with other distinguished roles in AFTS:

Public Officer & national Ring Maiden – continuing – Jo Henwood

Jo Henwood - Photo
Jo Henwood is an Accredited Storyteller with the Storytelling Guild of NSW, co-founder and Public Officer of the Australian Fairy Tale Society, and the Ring Maiden who coordinates the Fairy Tale Rings.  She is qualified in Cultural Heritage, Museum Studies, Gifted Education, Tour Guiding, and Librarianship.  As well as storytelling Jo works as a Tour Guide and Education Officer in various Sydney heritage sites. She also organises the Professional Development Days for Museums Australia Education and the first World Storytelling Day celebrated in Sydney. Her favourite fairy tales have turned out to be the Animal Bridegroom variants. Her greatest delight in the AFTS has been discovering new meanings in familiar tales and being provoked to create Australian interpretations, as well as meeting some fascinating people.

Social Media & Design – continuing – Spike Deane

Spike Deane Artist photo May 2015 ml.jpg

Spike Deane is a glass artist based in Canberra, Australia, working primarily in cast glass, though she likes to mix it up now and then with textiles, animation and other materials. Her themes – and artistic practice – focus on underlying narratives found in folk and fairy tales to consider questions of becoming, transformation and ‘the hopeful journey’. She exhibits throughout Australia, between working in her home studio and at the Canberra Glassworks, the nation’s centre of glass art, and feels she has yet to discover much magic, so never stops looking.


Sub-Committee, Ezine:

Editor: Dr Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario

Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario - Photo

Former Editors: Gypsy Thornton, Claudia Barnett


Thanks Gypsy and Claudia for sharing your artistry, templates, knowledge, ideas and time! – x L

Sub-Editors: Spike Deane, Louisa John-Krol, Avleen Masawan

Former Sub-Editor: Erin Hallowell-Gartlan

Sub-Committee, Anthology:

Chair: Patricia Poppenbeek

(as pictured in aforementioned Main Committee with her Bio)

Co-Publisher/Partner: Monique Mulligan of Serenity Press, Western Australia


Former Committee members:

Dr Belinda Calderone, Dr Nike Suleway, Susan Clancy, Dr Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario, Joe Vandermeer, Julie Mundy-Taylor, Danuta Raine, Pam Blamey, Penny Clay, Catherine Snell, Gypsy Thornton, Thang Dac Luong, Dr Robyn Floyd, Claudia Barnett, Craig Coulson, Jo Henwood, Spike Deane


Jo Henwood and Reilly McCarron